Choose a designAll eCards are available for both North Memorial and Maple Grove.

Safer eCard

Accountability and doing the little things help keep North Memorial Health safe for our team members and customers. Don’t miss the chance to thank someone for doing their part in keeping our health family safe.

Yes! That's It! eCard

When team members deliver an amazing customer experience, be sure to let them know you noticed. These ecards reinforce great behaviors by shining a spotlight on them.

Accountability eCard

Sadly, the greeting card aisle at your local supermarket is lacking when it comes to things like Accountability. This ecard helps you reinforce this cornerstone of our great company.

Inventiveness eCard

Thank your thinkers every chance you get. From huge innovations to small, everyday improvements and suggestions, it’s our team members’ spirit of innovation that keeps our company great.

Relationships eCard

Let your team members who excel at forging strong relationships know how much their charms are respected and appreciated. Bonus: This eCard may even help you strengthen your own relationships.

Awesomeness eCard

Who doesn’t want to hear about how awesome they are? This tongue-in-cheek eCard can help celebrate accomplishments, reinforce great behaviors, or give a quick boost to a solid performer.

High Five eCard

Worried about germs from a traditional high five ruining the moment? No problem. Send a digital High Five instead. It’s a fun, light-hearted way to celebrate a job well done.

Welcome eCard

Welcome new team members in style in no time flat. Simply type up a warm welcome, hit send, and set the tone for a great work experience right out of the gate.

Birthday eCard

No time to run to the store to find that perfect card for a team member’s birthday? This eCard has you covered. Just type up some birthday wishes, hit Send, and let the celebration begin.

Trophy eCard

Ever feel like giving a trophy to a coworker who’s gone above and beyond the call of duty? Here’s a fast way to capture that spirit for accomplishments great and small. And the winner is…

All Heart eCard

Passion and dedication have always been hallmarks of great employees. Don’t let your unsung heroes who quietly work their tails offgo unappreciated. Type up a note from the heart and send.

Anniversary eCard

Here’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate a team member’s amazing commitment to being a part of our family. Simply type up a note and send.