CertificatesAll eCards are available for both North Memorial and Maple Grove.

Safer Certificate

Accountability and doing the little things help keep North Memorial Health safe for our team members and customers. Don’t miss the chance to thank someone for doing their part in keeping our health family safe.

Yes! That’s It! Cards

Great customer experiences don’t just happen. Great team members make them happen. Celebrate those who put our experience drivers into action every day.

Welcome New Team Members

This special first-day keepsake for new team members is a great icebreaker for newbies or transfers. Simply type a quick welcome note, print, date, and sign.

High Five Certificate

If you’ve ever missed a perfect high-five moment or unwittingly left a coworker hanging with a raised arm and an embarrassed look, there’s still time. Remind them of their greatness, print, and sign.

Certificate of Awesomeness

Don’t let a team member who’s awesome go another day without affirmation. Simply type a message, print, sign, and date it to make it official. How awesome is that?

Accountability Certificate

Know a team member who’s always willing to step up, take control, and take responsibility? We love that. Make sure they feel appreciated. Simply type a quick note, print, and sign.

Relationships Certificate

Some team members have never met a stranger. This certificate is a great way to let them know how much you appreciate their ability to forge relationships and embrace our company’s values.

Inventiveness Certificate

We love to thank good thinking. If you know a team member who’s always coming up with great ways to approach new challenges, don’t miss the chance to sing their praises. Thoughtful, huh?

Birthday Certificate

Throwing an impromptu birthday celebration for someone on your team? Don’t forget the card! Type a quick message, print, and have your team sign it to make the party feel official.

Team Member of the Month Certificate

Team Member of the Month is all about making greatness official. Use this certificate to announce it “loud and proud”. Customize a quick note, print, sign, and date.

Anniversary Certificate

Whether it’s a team member’s first or fortieth, this certificate is a great way to say thanks for being a part of our family. Simply type something from the heart, print, sign, and date.

Fill-in-the-Blank Certificate

Need to recognize someone for something we haven’t covered yet? Use this certificate for everything from Attendance to Best Bedside Manner. Type, print, sign, and date.

Thank You CardsAll eCards are available for both North Memorial and Maple Grove.

Accountability Card

A fast way to reinforce behaviors and encourage team members to live our values! Print, cut, fold in half, and write a note about how their Accountability is a huge part of North’s success.

Inventiveness Card

When team members are thinking creatively, it makes everyone’s jobs easier. Recognize them for their Inventiveness. Print, cut, fold in half, and let them know their ideas are appreciated.

Relationships Card

Forging good relationships is a cornerstone of our business. Whether it’s with customers or coworkers, let your team know that being good at being nice never goes out of style.

High-Five Card

If a quick High Five in the hallway just doesn’t have enough staying power for you, try putting it in writing. Print, cut, fold in half, and scribble a reminder of their “High Five Moment”.

Champions Card

Know a team member who raises everyone’s game to a higher level? Customize your headline or use our existing message to let them know how much you appreciate their contagious attitude.

Heart of Our Company

Team members who are “All Heart” make everyone around them better. Customize this card’s headline just for them, or use our existing message—then print, cut, fold in half, and sign.

Compass Card

The perfect card for those who show great leadership skills or do a great job of embodying our Mission. Customize the front or use the existing message. Then print, cut, fold, and sign.

Just North of Awesome

We’re all aiming for awesome, but some are destined to overshoot. When someone outperforms expectations, let them know they’re appreciated. Print, cut, fold, and write a quick note of thanks.

Birthday Card

This birthday card is a perfect companion to the certificate and birthday eCard. Just type a message, print, cut, fold, and have your team sign it for your team member’s special day.

Say Anything Card

This simple, branded card is fully customizable to allow you to personalize a message however you want for whomever you want. Type, print, cut, fold, and sign. Available in all four North colors.